At Tuque Games, a Wizards of the Coast studio, we connect people around the world through play and imagination. From our genre-defining games like Magic: The Gathering® and Dungeons & Dragons® to our growing multiverse, we continue to innovate and build new ways to foster friendship and connection. That’s where you come in!

Tuque Games is looking for a Dev QA who will lead a team of development testers within a collaborative multidisciplinary environment and be responsible for the management of testing the project, features or game mode.

Leadership Responsibilities

    • Plan, prioritize and schedule clear objectives for your team and hold them accountable
    • Define & build team culture around motivation, empowerment and ownership
    • Influence team members and stakeholders around the game & studio vision
    • Embrace change with a positive attitude
    • Define, foster and “lead-by-example” the best practices for leadership & communication
    • Be the lead & main communication point with our external QA partners (both publishers & QA outsourcing)
    • Provide meaningful and honest feedback on your team’s performance
    • Provide successful mediation and conflict resolution within the team
    • Evaluate and apply disciplinary action where necessary
    • Participate in recruitment and applicant selection

Job Responsibilities

    • Communicate objectives, processes, and project information to the team to give visibility on the game’s development
    • Establish methods for rapid iteration Grey/White box testing on appropriate features and functionality
    • Maintain the bug database, creating dashboards, filters, reports etc
    • Daily build smoke tests across all platforms
    • Standard QA testing - Identify, Isolate & Regress
    • Prioritize and assign bugs to team members
    • Merge developer check-ins into current version and validate
    • Follow up on testing requests from the dev team
    • Organize regression testing on resolved issues
    • Work with the dev team to define and build gyms to test against game features and functionality
    • Work with the dev team to define, document and run targeted test plans in line with sprint goals & milestone deliverables
    • Review the game frequently and provide assessments on risks, blockers etc & escalate as necessary
    • Work with the design team to tune balance and difficulty directly in the engine
    • Define tools requirements for QA team - cheat, debug etc & maintain documentation for the QA team
    • Find ways to use tools to automate procedures and checks
    • Assist in building and maintaining DevOps procedures and tools
    • Design, build and use Map Check tools with our technical team to assess performance & profiling on all platforms
    • Develop and monitor game metrics
    • Manage TRC/TCR development & tracking
    • Prepare for, setup & run internal team playtests
    • Build Milestone walkthrough notes, videos & supporting documentation
    • Act as an admin for project source control (Git) & continuous build integration (Jenkins)

Other Skills

  • 3+ years of experience in a Lead QA or Lead Dev QA role
  • Must have experience with Jira, Confluence & Office Suite of tools
  • Experience creating & editing videos
  • Strong written and oral communication
  • Experience with Unreal necessary
  • Experience with C++ and/or working in Blueprints beneficial
  • Bilingual preferred

Tuque Games commits to offer equal working chances to every individual, without regards based on the followings : age, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, race, religion, citizenship, native country or any other possible particularities. We sincerely believe in a respectful and open-minded work environment, in which everyone can fully contribute to the organization's development.

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