At Tuque Games, a Wizards of the Coast studio, we connect people around the world through play and imagination. From our genre-defining games like Magic: The Gathering® and Dungeons & Dragons® to our growing multiverse, we continue to innovate and build new ways to foster friendship and connection. That’s where you come in!

Tuque Games is looking for a video game engineering leader with a broad knowledge of game systems (MP/Online, networking infrastructure, 3D/rendering, AI, animation, game mechanics, tools) who is at ease in organizing teams of technical developers and content creators throughout the production cycle.

They will have a degree in Computer Science (or equivalent) and have a minimum of 10+ years of game programming experience with recent experience as a Lead or Technical Director/Architect.

They have strong C++ programming skills, plus solid experience in low-level programming and debugging and in integrating complex systems. They also have experience in using automated testing, unit testing, and Configuration Management processes.


  • Define the long term strategic goals for engine, technology and processes and build sound architectures to support them
  • Research and develop new technology directives to support the team's development and set the technical roadmap to build industry leading systems
  • Optimizing and maintaining the software architecture of the game, technology, pipeline and tools
  • Provide technical direction for all gameplay, engine, tool, runtime, pipeline, networking etc systems
  • Support and lead a team of programmers both internally and externally throughout the phases of the project
  • Work with other disciplines, such as game design, art, animation, audio to determine team and game code needs
  • Collaborate with the team of engineers to guide technical designs, establish code framework and standards, check-in process, code reviews etc
  • Audit development plans, including engineering designs, processes, resource use, task assessments, quality and risk of technical completion
  • Ensure the quality, performance, and stability of technical deliverables
  • Improve team efficiency through identifying bottlenecks and proposing solutions
  • Defend standard software development processes and best practices against requirements, design, implementation and testing
  • Maintaining the programming backlog (in JIRA), keeping track of the project scope for programming and working with other discipline leads to find solutions to scope issues
  • Represent the programming team as a studio lead and report to the studio's leadership team


  • 10+ years software development experience
  • 5+ years of technical leadership experience as a technical director or architect in the production of large, high-quality games
  • Excellent 3D math skills
  • Experience with multi-threading
  • 10+ years of C/C++ (UE preferred)
  • Shipped at least 3 AAA titles, on PC & Consoles, including 1 recent title on UE4 as TD / Senior Engineer (with direct reports)
  • Extensive UE4 experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • Solid knowledge of game technology domains, spanning client (rendering, animation, AI, cameras, controls, asset management), server and infrastructure; deep knowledge of at least one client domain
  • Constantly innovating on how to improve product quality as well as group productivity
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Analytical and proactive problem-solving skills
  • Excellent proactive decision-making capabilities
  • Ability to quickly learn and apply new concepts, principles, and solutions
  • Collaborative problem solving between multiple teams

Tuque Games commits to offer equal working chances to every individual, without regards based on the followings : age, sex, sexual orientation, physical disability, race, religion, citizenship, native country or any other possible particularities. We sincerely believe in a respectful and open-minded work environment, in which everyone can fully contribute to the organization's development.

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