Production Coordinator

Tuque games is looking for a Production Coordinator who will be responsible to work with the development team to identify the project requirements and execute the processes that organize, schedule, communicate and drive development.

The goal is a smooth and successful task organization structure and on-schedule delivery with quality benchmarks met.

As part of Tuque Games you’ll be joining an up and coming independent video game team. We are ambitious enough to position ourselves among the top independent gaming companies in the world. We are passionate game developers who are honest, humble, hard working, and are looking for someone who shares our values and desire to craft outstanding games.


  • Work together with the development team to break down the intended vision/design into the required tasks and then prioritize, schedule, assign, & review those tasks against the goals of the game
  • Analyze the game scope vs the team capability to ensure they are capable of delivering on the priorities and work with the stakeholders to resolve inconsistencies
  • Communicate and collaborate with the team extensively to promote awareness of progress and issues
  • Enforce team processes that are critical for the success of the product
  • Analyze pipelines & processes for opportunities, redundancies & inefficiencies
  • Manage external contractor relationships, deliverables and change requests
  • Manage internal and external QA
  • Manage the localization pipeline
  • Support individual team and discipline development initiatives


  • An understanding of a wide range of project management concepts, tools and approaches and an ability to tailor methods to meet the requirements of the team
  • Excellent organizational, communication & time management skills
  • An open and flexible mindset, with the ability to negotiate past roadblocks and problems in a professional and constructive manner
  • Be able to work completely autonomously; ie. “Find your own work”
  • Knowledge of software such as Jira, Excel, Trello, MS Project, Slack etc.

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