The narrative designer brings their expertise to the team as a collaborator in the execution and realization of the narrative elements of our game. The narrative designer reports to the lead narrative designer and will be tasked with designing and integrating various narrative elements for Tuque's future games. The narrative designer will be required to work closely with all team members, acting as their narrative guide and narrative support.

As part of Tuque Games you’ll be joining a growing, high quality independent video game team. We are ambitious enough to position ourselves among the top independent gaming companies in the world. We are passionate game developers who are honest, humble, hard working, and are looking for someone who shares our values and desire to craft outstanding games.


  • Produce technical documents that describe narrative systems.
  • Propose narrative structure of quests, write cinematics, in-game barks and banter
  • Compose character bios, write lore for objects, locations, and assist the lead narrative designer in all matters related to writing and narrative.
  • Maintain high quality collaboration with all team members – most commonly, quest designers, artists, and animators.
  • Support and contribute to the iteration process related to narrative/design/sound/art/animation changes as they occur along the project.


  • Demonstrate an ability to create an emotional response in characters and players within the context game narrative.
  • A basic understanding of game engines like Unreal and be able to compose narratives that work for the type of game we’re making. Experience working directly in an engine (Unreal 4) and the ability to assist with integration is a plus.


Candidates will be questioned about their knowledge of storytelling and how it applies to games. Candidate portfolios should include the following:

  • Screenwriting: Links to or attachments of 2 samples of 10 pages or less, ideally from games they have worked on. If available, in addition to the written pages, links to video realizations of these sequences. These samples should demonstrate the candidate’s ability to write tight, dramatic scenes with compelling characters and action, and should tell a story.
  • If available, links to videos of games the candidate has worked on that feature their in-game dialogue – with supporting written documents.

** Remote work is not offered for this position **

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